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Cooperation Process

Xizixiao(GOTS), Power Technology, Creating the Future

With the development of urbanization, high-rise buildings are increasing, and people’s demand for elevators is increasing. Xizixiao(GOTS) elevator is one of the main pillars of the elevator industry.

Xizixiao(GOTS) Elevator leads the sales in the country and even the world, but it can not meet the huge demand in the market. Therefore, Xizi Theo Elevator is now attracting fierce investment in the country, and looks forward to working with you to realize the dream of entrepreneurship. Join Xizi Theo Elevator and become a part of success.

branded advantages

Xizixiao(GOTS), Power Technology, Creating the Future


Boutique elevator brand

A boutique elevator brand, focusing on the development and innovation of elevator technology, it is a representative enterprise in the elevator industry


cultural soft power

A corporate culture that advances with the times, a people-oriented corporate mission, and a strong sense of social responsibility


Product advantages

The company draws on and digests international elevator design, control and manufacturing advanced technologies, and develops and produces a full range of elevator products such as passenger elevators, freight elevators, medical elevators, sightseeing elevators, escalators, and automobile elevators. It is an important elevator supplier in China. One of the service providers.


Quality advantage

Quality control from design to formal operation

Imported products, superior materials, real materials, first-class quality

Exquisite craftsmanship, blending advanced technology, strictly controlling every detail

Although the taste is expensive, you must not dare to reduce the material resources, although the processing is complicated, you must not dare to save labor


One-stop full service

Provide one-stop full-service, market-oriented, customer-centric, customers are not graded, and projects are not sized; with excellent design and production team, we can provide customers with one-stop personalized non-standard customized services


Serialization, generalization and standardized production

It has a large-scale production workshop, equipped with advanced production equipment in the industry, and products are produced according to the three standards: standardization, standardization and refinement, laying a solid foundation for efficiency and quality levels; ensuring its own efficiency and achieving on-time delivery


Service Network

Xizixiao (GOTS) elevator service network has spread all over the country and even around the world, and is currently showing a growing trend; at the same time, it has a professional and powerful after-sales team that can solve after-sales problems for consumers anytime, anywhere


Market protection

Carry out strict market protection and cooperation work for our customers, implement a strict confidentiality system for product quotations, try our best to avoid the occurrence of problems such as cross-selling or fighting in the same area, and ensure that your profits are maximized; implement strict areas for dealers Protect and control the number of regional points, ensure the monopoly status of dealers in a certain area, and avoid vicious competition