Villa elevator

Enjoy life visual experience

Enjoy life visual experience

Xizixiao(GOTS) Villa Elevator allows you to enjoy the comfort. The special frequency conversion system accurately controls the running state of the elevator, and improves the comfortable experience in multiple directions. Low noise and easy installation, making your wonderful home environment.

Xizixiao(GOTS) Villa not only saves the design and construction costs of the machine room, but also makes full use of your building. It has a small footprint, no elevator shaft, and is safe and reliable. This will be the theo for you.

Xizixiao(GOTS) Villa Elevator is a practical and exquisite elevator ideal for duplex and multi-storey homes, and it is also an ideal upper and lower transportation for the elderly, patients and the disabled.

Enjoy a harmonious and comfortable home life

Exclusive customization

Exclusive customization A full set of solutions tailored to the customer’s building and special needs, from decoration style to styling design to functional configuration, to provide you with a highly matched villa elevator.

Perfect experience

To achieve a smooth and comfortable, efficient and intelligent carrying method, stylish design and exquisite details of the cabin decoration, it will bring you perfect peace and comfort.

Easy installation

Superior shaft structure and simple frame design, flexible installation, no special shaft, no large amount of construction, no site restrictions, to ensure that every link is in place accurately.

Cabin decoration





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