Sightseeing elevator

The sightseeing surface of the Xizixiao(GOTS) series of sightseeing elevators is spacious and bright, with a unique shape, which brings different views to the building, expands the visual space of the elevator, and makes the narrow space infinitely extended.

Exquisite structure and exquisite modeling

Xizixiao(GOTS) escalator adopts microcomputer control and advanced frequency conversion drive technology, which complies with the current national standard GB16899 “Safety Code for Manufacturing and Installation of Escalators and Moving Walkways”. This series of products is elegant in style, unique in shape, smooth in line, mature and reliable, and advanced in technology. It is suitable for places with large passenger flow such as shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, and airports.

Xizixiao(GOTS) escalator meets the needs of different customers with excellent performance, practical and flexible design. Microcomputer frequency conversion technology (VVVF), ergonomics research results and priority use of cash manufacturing technology make the escalator more perfect, safe, comfortable, energy-saving, solid and reliable, excellent performance, beautiful appearance.

The escalator is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports and other places with large passenger flow, so that the escalator has the characteristics of exquisite structure, excellent staircase, exquisite road, exquisite appearance and full of modern atmosphere.

Curved sightseeing

Square sightseeing

Diamond sightseeing

Cabin decoration

TMD-GG001 (standard)

TMD-GG002 (optional)

TMD-GG003 (optional)

TMD-GG005 (optional)