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Cooperation concept: “Cooperation and win-win create customer value”

In October 2019, OTIS Company and XIZIXIAO (GOTS) Elevator Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, authorizing XIZIXIAO elevator to match OTIS host machine, so as to make XIZIXIAO (GOTS) elevator better improve high efficiency and energy saving, green and environmental protection, safe and reliable, convenient installation, Eliminate noise. In May ...Read More

XIZIXIAO (GOTS)elevator goes abroad again, and cooperates with Nigerian ocean landscape to win honor for Chinese national brand

At the end of 2019, XIZIXIAO (GOTS) elevator was invited by “ocean landscape” to design and produce elevators for them. All the guest elevators with machine room and inorganic guest elevators of this project have been accepted and delivered for use. The marine landscape is located in Lagos State of ...Read More

Five systems of Xizixiao (GOTS)Elevator Co., Ltd

1、 Face recognition system Intelligent module 01 face recognition system AI face recognition elevator display integrates the functions of living body detection, face tracking and recognition. The elevator button has zero contact, which can complete the identity recognition and automatic call operation, safe and efficient. Suitable for 10.4 inch and ...Read More

Warmly congratulate our company on winning the title of “high tech enterprise”

With the continuous improvement and development of Xizi Xiao company, the company has continuously improved its scientific and technological innovation ability, adjusted its industrial structure, followed the development path of independent innovation and continuous innovation, and achieved fruitful results in scientific invention. Recently, the company received the honorary certificate of ...Read More
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Elevator monitoring technology “elevator guard” appears in Guangzhou

What is “elevator guard”? “Elevator guard” collects fault information such as elevator top flushing, bottom squatting, power failure, closing and elevator maintenance information through sensors installed on the periphery of elevator, and transmits data to elevator operation management platform through wireless GPRS transmission module to remind relevant personnel to pay ...Read More

Independent innovation: the nuclear power of Xizixiao (GOTS) elevator development

At present, there are more than 400 elevator brands in China, but 90% of the market share is occupied by foreign brands. Compared with foreign brands, domestic brands have their own advantages, but there are more or less defects such as weak scientific research foundation, low technology level, and poor ...Read More

Xizixiao (GOTS) elevator product development trend

电梯上的控制系统多数厂家更青睐于价格低廉的电梯专用控制器,通讯速度快、由专业厂家生产,安装方便、布线及调试相对PLC更简单。因此专用控制器在电梯市场会应用得越来越广泛。 从产品特性来看,电梯制造行业应用的自动化产品主要以专用控制器、PLC和变频器为主,HMI及伺服运动控制产品很少用到。 目前PLC主要应用于自动扶梯和部分货梯上,西奥品牌在电梯行业中比较受欢迎并得到用户认可,电梯行业比较关注安全类因素,一旦选定品牌,更换的机率较小。另外扶梯和客梯对PLC控制要求比较简单,价格相对适中,加上用户使用习惯问题,未来几年内扶梯和客梯上的PLC使用量不会大量被专用控制器所取代。 变频器在电梯行业的应用比较成熟,主要用于提升及门机系统上,目前行业内主流厂商有自己生产变频器的趋势,自行生产的变频器台套数占到43.7%。另外,除一些主流厂商外还有一些制造电梯专用控制器厂商如汇川生产的一体化控制器,将电梯控制与电机驱动有机结合在一起,目前已在电梯厂较为流行。未来几年一体机在电梯行业的应用也会越来越广泛。从整体市场规模来看,节能绿色环保是电梯发展总趋势,变频器在节能领域扮演着重要角色。 ...Read More

Xizixiao (GOTS) Elevator Co., Ltd. introduces a new type of matching elevator

This kind of elevator can be purchased and used in modern ordinary residential buildings. It mainly uses ordinary lifting equipment and special touch bar type switch. Each switch is opened and connected with the most suitable pull wire to pull the switch, and it can be pulled through the relative ...Read More

Xizixiao (GOTS):Development direction of green elevator

  Most of the manufacturers of the control system on the elevator prefer the low-cost elevator special controller, which has the advantages of fast communication speed, convenient installation, simple wiring and debugging compared with PLC.Therefore, the special controller will be more and more widely used in the elevator market.   ...Read More