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Build a Chinese elevator brand

The number of building elevators in China continues to increase, and the elevator industry has a broad market demand. The real estate regulation and control policies in recent times have not had much impact on the elevator industry. Under the multiple stimulus factors such as affordable housing, infrastructure, renewal demand, ...Read More

Safety knowledge of taking elevator

Source: China elevator information network With the progress of society, as a kind of special equipment necessary for people’s daily life, the elevator has entered people’s life more and more. The elevator brings not only light for people, but also many lessons of blood and tears. We feel sorry for ...Read More

What is elevator light curtain?

Elevator light curtain is a kind of elevator door safety protection device made of photoelectric induction principle. It is suitable for passenger elevator, freight elevator and other elevator types to protect the safety of passengers entering and leaving the elevator. Elevator light curtain is composed of four parts: infrared transmitter ...Read More

Analysis of the correct rescue method of general elevator!

Notice to passengers: ① The elevator stops suddenly due to power supply interruption, elevator failure and other reasons during operation. When the passenger is trapped in the car, wait quietly and don’t act without permission to avoid ‘shearing’ and ‘falling into the well’ accidents. Passengers shall not forcibly hold the ...Read More