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Xizixiao(GOTS) Elevator provides you with a full range of branded passenger elevators, freight elevators, medical elevators, sightseeing elevators, escalators, car elevator, etc.

About Xizixiao (GOTS)


Continuously innovate products to meet customers’ individual needs

Xizixiao (GOTS)Elevator Co., Ltd. is a modern professional elevator enterprise that adopts European and American technology and integrates R & D, design, manufacturing, installation, renovation and maintenance. It integrates IT integration technology and provides all kinds of buildings with humanized intelligent management, high efficiency and low carbon energy saving the transportation mode contributes to the matching transportation capacity of the modern society in rapid development.

The head office covers an area of 666,000 square meters and has more than 40 R & D engineers. It has established R & D cooperation relations with many domestic universities and colleges, and has established branches in Jiangxi, Sichuan and Hubei.

Technical advantages


Integrated technology, advanced technology, new trend of elevator technology

Permanent magnet synchronous host

The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine improves the transmission efficiency by more than 30%, and also has the characteristics of compact structure, low operating noise, low failure rate, large low-speed torque and wide adjustment range.

Xizixiao(GOTS) Control System

The top all-computer data networked system of Xizixiao(GOTS) series elevators fully displays the humanized intelligence, and the system functions are more perfect and more flexible.

Elevator real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of elevator running status, remote monitoring, know every move. Collect elevator data to simulate elevator operation. The running status of the elevator is presented in the form of a map, and real-time video monitors everything happening in the elevator.

Intelligent statistical analysis

The system will tell you which elevators are frequently in trouble, which elevators are not maintained in time, analyze the cause of elevator failure, and remind you which elevators have potential safety hazards.

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Industry News

Build a Chinese elevator brand

The number of building elevators in China continues to increase, and the elevator industry has a broad market demand. The real estate regulation and control policies in recent times have not had much impact on the elevator industry. Under the multiple stimulus factors such as affordable housing, infrastructure, renewal demand, ...

Safety knowledge of taking elevator

Source: China elevator information network With the progress of society, as a kind of special equipment necessary for people’s daily life, the elevator has entered people’s life more and more. The elevator brings not only light for people, but also many lessons of blood and tears. We feel sorry for ...

What is elevator light curtain?

Elevator light curtain is a kind of elevator door safety protection device made of photoelectric induction principle. It is suitable for passenger elevator, freight elevator and other elevator types to protect the safety of passengers entering and leaving the elevator. Elevator light curtain is composed of four parts: infrared transmitter ...

Cooperation concept: “Cooperation and win-win create customer value”

In October 2019, OTIS Company and XIZIXIAO (GOTS) Elevator Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, authorizing XIZIXIAO elevator to match OTIS host machine, so as to make XIZIXIAO (GOTS) elevator better improve high efficiency and energy saving, green and environmental protection, safe and reliable, convenient installation, Eliminate noise. In May ...

XIZIXIAO (GOTS)elevator goes abroad again, and cooperates with Nigerian ocean landscape to win honor for Chinese national brand

At the end of 2019, XIZIXIAO (GOTS) elevator was invited by “ocean landscape” to design and produce elevators for them. All the guest elevators with machine room and inorganic guest elevators of this project have been accepted and delivered for use. The marine landscape is located in Lagos State of ...

Five systems of Xizixiao (GOTS)Elevator Co., Ltd

1、 Face recognition system Intelligent module 01 face recognition system AI face recognition elevator display integrates the functions of living body detection, face tracking and recognition. The elevator button has zero contact, which can complete the identity recognition and automatic call operation, safe and efficient. Suitable for 10.4 inch and ...