Medical elevator

With its unique design concept, Xizixiao(GOTS) Medical Elevator creates a clean and bright space that is harmonious and unified with the hospital environment, creating a comfortable environment for passengers and adding a little confidence for patients to recover.

Space Passion

Xizixiao(GOTS) Medical Elevator is one of the supporting medical facilities specially provided for hospitals, modern medical centers, nursing homes, health care centers, etc. It is not only used to transport passengers, bed stretchers and random ambulance medical equipment, but can also be used for other types use. The medical elevator is a special kind of elevator. Because of its special use environment, it has strict requirements on its function and performance. XIZI upholds the humanistic thinking and devotes itself to the love of fist in the design and manufacturing process to create a kind and caring for passengers. Comfortable space, every detail is more humanized, more thoughtful and considerate, providing a more comfortable ride.

Xizixiao(GOTS) medical elevator is not only used to transport passengers, but also has special and strict requirements on the functional performance of the elevator due to the special use. XIAO medical elevator can accurately control the running speed of the elevator, running smoothly and comfortably.。

Xizixiao(GOTS) Medical Elevator pays attention to humanized design to fully optimize the cabin structure and maximize the use requirements of customers. It creates a quiet and elegant space for passengers.

Ultra-low electromagnetic design

Ultra-low electromagnetic design, medical equipment is free from interference, the system is the first to pass the international electromagnetic compatibility test, adopts dual 32-bit CPU military-grade hybrid chip main control system, and builds a stable and stable basic platform for medical elevators. Leading level.

Anti-electromagnetic radiation interference

Elevator EMC includes two aspects: EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMS (electromagnetic tolerance): on the one hand, the electromagnetic radiation generated by the elevator is extremely low, and it will not cause any electromagnetic interference to precision medical equipment and patients; on the other hand, the elevator is resistant to electromagnetic radiation interference The ability is extremely strong, under the electromagnetic interference of any medical equipment, to ensure the normal operation of the elevator.


Quiet running

Even if the ward is adjacent to the well, you can enjoy quiet leisure

Smooth transportation

Accurate leveling makes it easy for hospital beds, wheelchairs and passengers to enter and exit the elevator.

Clean environment

Use easy to clean and durable cabin wall and floor materials.

Priority / emergency call for help

When an emergency occurs, the elevator will respond to your emergency call as soon as possible.

Soft light

Relieve stress, unlimited comfort

Unique cabin design

The design of wide cabin door and deep cabin door allows patient beds and medical equipment to enter and exit the elevator smoothly and conveniently.

Clear signal device

At a glance, easy to use.

Environmental protection and cost saving

No electromagnetic interference, safety and environmental protection, at the same time save energy consumption and maintenance costs, maximize your investment income in the entire life cycle of elevator equipment.

Medical cabin configuration

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The elegant and generous cabin and the concise and smooth ceiling perfectly combine to create a quiet space for you. Careful design and cutting-edge technology ensure the commercial quality of Guangzhou Xio Medical Elevator.

Control Panel / Outbound Call System

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With a variety of materials, colors and sizes to choose from.