Safety knowledge of taking elevator

Source: China elevator information network

With the progress of society, as a kind of special equipment necessary for people’s daily life, the elevator has entered people’s life more and more. The elevator brings not only light for people, but also many lessons of blood and tears. We feel sorry for those who suffer from disasters due to improper operation and carelessness. Behind these lessons, we make people wake up It is very necessary to standardize the elevator operation and take the elevator scientifically, so China elevator information network specially summarizes some elevator safety knowledge for you to learn and understand!

1. When taking the elevator, please check whether the safety inspection mark issued by AQSIQ is pasted in the elevator. The elevator beyond the inspection date has potential safety hazards.

2. When waiting for the elevator, please confirm your floor and the destination floor you want to reach, properly select the “up” or “down” call button, and stand aside to facilitate passengers to get out of the elevator.

3. When entering the car, check whether the elevator is in the flat position, otherwise it may cause injury.

4. When opening the door, do not touch the hall or car door, so as not to pinch hands.

5. If the elevator is full, please wait patiently for the next service of the elevator, and do not enter the elevator car by crowding. Do not try to use hands, feet or crutches, sticks, sticks and other things to prevent the closing of the car door. Pay attention to the situation at your feet when entering and leaving the car, and be careful to get in and out of the elevator quickly.

6. When loading and unloading goods or carrying carts, do not collide with the car door to prevent the door from deforming and affecting the normal opening and closing of the car door.

7. When taking the elevator, please hold the child’s hand tightly and take good care of your pet; when you need to keep the elevator door open, you or ask others to help you press and hold the door opening button in the car.

8. When the elevator is running, please stand as far away from the door as possible. You can use the handrail in the car to stand stably and hold it well. Pay attention to the indicator of the landing, and make preparations for getting out of the elevator in advance. If the elevator does not open the door after arriving and stopping, you can press the open button to open the car.

9. During the operation of the elevator, do not lean against or tap the elevator door, and do not touch the button or switch casually, so as to avoid the elevator stopping due to misoperation. When the elevator is running, suddenly out of control phenomenon occurs, the heel shall be lifted up as soon as possible, the toe shall support the weight of the whole body, squat down, and hold the car with hands, so as to prevent the car from colliding against the top or bottom and causing accidents.

10. When the elevator is stuck between floors and trapped in the elevator car, please don’t panic. You can use the alarm button or telephone in the car to call for help. The car and shaft are well ventilated and air is sufficient. The elevator has many measures to ensure the safety of passengers. Please wait patiently for the rescue. Do not try to leave the car by other dangerous means, such as trying to forcibly open the elevator door, or using hard objects to knock and press the operation panel, because the elevator is likely to run at any time, which is prone to danger.

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