Cooperation concept: “Cooperation and win-win create customer value”

In October 2019, OTIS Company and XIZIXIAO (GOTS) Elevator Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, authorizing XIZIXIAO elevator to match OTIS host machine, so as to make XIZIXIAO (GOTS) elevator better improve high efficiency and energy saving, green and environmental protection, safe and reliable, convenient installation, Eliminate noise.

In May 2020, WITTUR Company and XIZIXIAO (GOTS) Elevator Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement to authorize XIZIXIAO elevator to match WITTUR door machine, so as to improve the comfort, reliability, long life and easy installation of XIZIXIAO (GOTS) elevator.

Guided by a common goal, sincere cooperation, with a standardized system, standardized interface, open and transparent management methods, cooperate with each other, learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses, through the cooperation of the two parties in products, technology, services and other fields to create a competitive and Distinctive overall market advantage.

Pay attention to the needs of customers and the interests of channel members. Seeking common interests, discovering and cultivating a cooperation model conducive to the development of both parties, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, achievement of customers, promoting the achievement of common development goals, sharing development results together, and growing together.

Certificate of OTIS Traction Machine Authorization

Certificate of WITTUR company Authorization

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