Five systems of Xizixiao (GOTS)Elevator Co., Ltd

1、 Face recognition system

Intelligent module 01 face recognition system

AI face recognition elevator display integrates the functions of living body detection, face tracking and recognition. The elevator button has zero contact, which can complete the identity recognition and automatic call operation, safe and efficient.

Suitable for 10.4 inch and above video series

Smart module 02 – mobile phone reservation call

The new elevator mobile Internet of things wechat management platform, supporting ble Bluetooth non inductive connection technology, can realize non-contact call (passengers), intelligent maintenance upgrade (property), program installation free, open wechat to use, convenient and fast.

Suitable for 10.4 inch and above video series

Intelligent module 03 visual intercom system

The new generation of two-way visual intercom safety system supports the visual intercom communication between the inside and outside of the car, between the car and the car, between the car and the monitoring room, and between the car and the maintenance personnel of the outside line, so as to realize seamless emergency call; at the same time, the multiplex intercom camera realizes the detection of the car trapped people, and automatically activates the visual intercom in case of the trapped people’s fault, so as to realize the visual rescue.

Suitable for 10.4 inch and above video series

2、 Internet of things system

3、 Speech recognition system

4、 Button system

1. Contactless sensing button

2. Contactless infrared sensing button

The infrared sensing button uses infrared to realize the sensing function. The user can trigger the switch without contacting with the button. The button is applied to the environment with antibacterial requirements such as hospitals.

3. Antibacterial button

5、 Car sterilization system

Intelligent elevator air disinfection and purification machine

Applicable to elevator confined space

The air disinfection and purification system of elevator adopts double efficient disinfection and sterilization technology, especially for the research and development of special scenes of air environment of van type elevator, which effectively disinfects and purifies the air and inner wall in an all-round way, safe and environmental protection!

01. Dual high efficiency disinfection and purification technology enabling

-Germagic chlorine dioxide slow-release molecular material is a highly effective and non-toxic green disinfectant recommended by who.

-Full closed UV catalyst sterilization design, no UV leakage, the killing rate of virus and bacteria is more than 99%.

Deep sterilization can reduce the spread of droplets and aerosols, and is harmless to human body.

02 real time disinfection, about 5 minutes to complete one ventilation

With it, you can feel at ease. In a 5-cube confined space, one can quickly disinfect and purify the air. The output air volume is 60m? / h. according to the general elevator specification of 1.5mx1.5mx2.3m, the indoor disinfection and air exchange can be completed more than 11 times per hour.

03 authoritative testing certification

Through the microbial analysis and certification by the authority, the sterilization rate of the elevator air disinfection and purification system is 99.05%, the influenza virus removal rate is 99.76%, and the coronavirus killing rate is 98%. The products have also passed the 3C, China Energy Conservation Certification and the first level energy efficiency test certification.

04 intelligent biometric technology

Biometric technology can effectively identify whether the elevator is taken or not. Once people enter the car, they can automatically open it. When people leave the elevator, the delayed shutdown function of the product will continue for a period of time for disinfection, so as to ensure that the elevator is in the disinfected state before the next use, and ensure the respiratory safety of every passenger taking the elevator.

05 flexible and convenient installation

The elevator disinfection and purification machine adopts the ultra-thin aluminum alloy shell design, which is perfectly integrated with the elevator car. The wall mounted or ceiling mounted installation mode reduces the installation and maintenance costs. At the same time, it also supports the integration into cop, and the concealed installation mode makes the elevator more beautiful and generous.

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