Warmly congratulate our company on winning the title of “high tech enterprise”

With the continuous improvement and development of Xizi Xiao company, the company has continuously improved its scientific and technological innovation ability, adjusted its industrial structure, followed the development path of independent innovation and continuous innovation, and achieved fruitful results in scientific invention.

Recently, the company received the honorary certificate of “high and new technology enterprise” jointly issued by the Department of science and technology of Shandong Province, the Department of finance of Shandong Province, the State Administration of Taxation of Shandong Province, and the Local Taxation Bureau of Shandong Province, which greatly improved the competitiveness of our company in participating in various bidding businesses, and further enhanced the corporate brand image of our subsidiary, Xi’ao company, so as to promote the technological transformation of the enterprise 。

“High tech enterprise” is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. Our company’s reputation and reputation have been greatly improved. The recognition of national high-tech enterprises is that our company’s intangible assets have increased greatly, which provides strong support for our company to become a leading enterprise in the same industry in China. Whether it is advertising or product bidding project, it will be very helpful. High and new technology enterprises can not only reduce enterprise income tax, but also be a rare national level qualification certification for any kind of enterprises. They are also indispensable hard signboards for enterprises relying on science and technology. Their brand influence is second only to China’s famous brand products, China’s well-known trademarks, and national inspection free products.There are 15 Xizi Xiao branches in China, with sales and service network all over the world. Guangzhou is the center. Its products are distributed in Russia, Brazil, the United States, India, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries and regions, becoming a major domestic brand. I believe that with the joint efforts of Xizi people, Xizi Elevator Co., Ltd. will have a more brilliant tomorrow.

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