Elevator monitoring technology “elevator guard” appears in Guangzhou

What is “elevator guard”?

“Elevator guard” collects fault information such as elevator top flushing, bottom squatting, power failure, closing and elevator maintenance information through sensors installed on the periphery of elevator, and transmits data to elevator operation management platform through wireless GPRS transmission module to remind relevant personnel to pay attention to the elevator with frequent fault, so as to achieve timely maintenance. At the same time, the system has the functions of regular maintenance and reminder, which can urge the property management to contact the maintenance company’s personnel on time and regularly to come for maintenance and repair, so that the elevator is in a relatively safe and stable state, so that the platform can realize various functions of elevator safety management, and help the elevator safety management department, maintenance unit and user to realize the information management of elevator safety Li.

What’s the advantage of “elevator guard”?

“Elevator guard” elevator remote monitoring system is connected with the elevator system, which can continuously monitor the elevator in the network 24 hours a day. Using this technology, once the elevator is abnormal, it will send out a short message alarm at the first time, and automatically notify the monitoring center of the fault situation in an instant, and call the full-time maintenance personnel to remove the fault immediately. What’s more, if the monitoring center fails to respond in time, the system will send an alarm to the relevant departments at the next higher level to prevent the situation of no rescue and greatly improve the probability of prevention.

Future development direction of “elevator guard”

It is expected that “elevator guard” can also combine elevator remote monitoring technology with 3G mobile phones in the future. Elevator users, maintenance units and regulators can use 3G mobile phones to monitor the operation of the elevator at any time. In case of failure, they can also use 3G mobile phones to communicate with passengers in the elevator to calm their emotions.

With such a good “elevator guard”, there is no need to worry about being trapped in the elevator and no one knows. The rescue time can be greatly shortened to achieve a 10 minute rescue speed, increasing the safety factor to ensure the safety of people’s lives.

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