Xizixiao (GOTS):Development direction of green elevator

  Most of the manufacturers of the control system on the elevator prefer the low-cost elevator special controller, which has the advantages of fast communication speed, convenient installation, simple wiring and debugging compared with PLC.Therefore, the special controller will be more and more widely used in the elevator market.

  From the perspective of product characteristics, the automation products applied in elevator manufacturing industry are mainly dedicated controllers, PLC and frequency converters, while HMI and servo motion control products are rarely used.

  At present, PLC is mainly used in escalators and some freight elevators. The brand of Xi’ao is more popular in the elevator industry and recognized by users. The elevator industry pays more attention to safety factors. Once the brand is selected, the chance of replacement is small. In addition, the requirements for PLC control of escalators and passenger elevators are relatively simple, and the price is relatively moderate. In addition, the user’s usage habits will not be replaced by a large number of special controllers in the next few years.

  The application of frequency converter in elevator industry is relatively mature, mainly used in hoisting and gantry system. At present, the mainstream manufacturers in the industry have the trend of producing their own frequency converter, and the number of frequency converter sets produced by themselves accounts for 43.7%. In addition, in addition to some mainstream manufacturers, there are also some manufacturers of elevator special controller, such as the integrated controller produced by Huichuan, which combines elevator control and motor drive organically. At present, it is more popular in elevator factories. In the next few years, the integrated machine will be more and more widely used in the elevator industry. From the perspective of overall market scale, energy conservation and environmental protection is the general trend of elevator development, and frequency converter plays an important role in the field of energy conservation.

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