Xizixiao (GOTS) Elevator Co., Ltd. introduces a new type of matching elevator

This kind of elevator can be purchased and used in modern ordinary residential buildings. It mainly uses ordinary lifting equipment and special touch bar type switch. Each switch is opened and connected with the most suitable pull wire to pull the switch, and it can be pulled through the relative press and pull positions of each floor from the head to the tail, and windows are set in the elevator box to facilitate the press and pull to the stop positions of each floor beside the door outside the box Each required position of the elevator can be operated by itself according to the pulling position, and then the switch and accessories of the stop and stop and stop card required by the position of the stop card can be flexibly changed by using the accompanying bar of the elevator box.

One of them can be pressed to drive the other to open at the same time. The top and bottom layers must be in place and stop by themselves to control the elevator box safely within the specified travel area. Even in case of any abnormality, the emergency stop switch that must stop at the offside can cut off the power supply completely and control it within the safe limited area 。 In this way, it can be formed naturally and reach the necessary safety and reliability of the floor elevator and the multi-storey and changeable operation technical standards. It can reduce the cost of elevator products to the bottom limit, avoid the complicated and hard to repair electronic fault, set the non electric automatic sliding and take or leave the elevator, and has the characteristics of large investment, small investment, quick and high efficiency, and has high economic and social benefits.

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